Trusted Dutch quality

All Kabrita goat milk child formulas are produced in the Netherlands, in accordance to Dutch and European food safety regulations.

Kabrita goat milk child formulas are made from the highest quality Dutch goat milk. This goat milk is supplied by a fixed group of goat farmers that exclusively deliver to Ausnutria Hyproca and Hyproca Nutrition.

The entire production process complies to the latest international standards and is closely monitored through a quality management system, which has been set up according to the model of the European Foundation Quality Award (EFQM). Our factories work according to Hazard Analyses of Critical Control Points (HACCP) standards, which is periodically audited and certified by Qlip and the COKZ (the Dutch Controlling Authority For Milk and Milk products). The COKZ also performs all EU-related inspections.

COKZ - Dutch controlling agencyHACCP certified HACCP-certificate Hyproca Lypack

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