Goatie Goodness Rusks

May 31, 2017

Makes +- 70 pieces depending on size


6 x 250ml Nutty Wheat

2 x 250ml Cake Wheat Flour

8 x crushed Weetbix blocks

500g Margarine

250ml Brown Sugar

¾ cup Raw Rolled Oats

¾ cup Dried Cranberries

¾ cup Sunflower Seeds (or seeds of choice)

1 bag Rooibos Tea (for soaking Cranberries)

50ml Baking Powder

10ml Bicarbonate of Soda

10ml Salt

500ml Kabrita Full Cream Goats Milk (500ml water + 5 tablespoons Kabrita Full Cream Goats Milk Powder)

25ml Lemon Juice

20ml Brown Vinegar

2 eggs


1.)    Pre heat oven to 180’C

2.)    Mix Kabrita and add Lemon Juice, stir and set aside

3.)    Add boiling water to Rooibos Tea Bag and soak Cranberries to soften

4.)    Mix (not necessary to sift) Nutty Wheat, Cake Wheat Flour, Baking Powder, Bicarbonate of Soda and Salt

5.)    Add Weetbix, Oats and Sunflower Seeds, and mix well.

6.)    Rub in Margarine until mixture resembles fine bread crumbs

7.)    Beat Kabrita Goats milk mixture, Brown Sugar, Vinegar and eggs

8.)    Mix the Dry and Wet mixtures together

9.)    Add Cranberries and mix well

10.)                        Spread mixture in 2 well greased baking trays (about 26x38x2cm – not too shallow)

11.)                        Bake for 25-30minutes

12.)                        Remove from oven, cut into desired pieces, but before removing from tray let them cool properly.

13.)                        Spread them on larger trays and dry them in a preheated oven of 90’C for about 3-4 hours

14.)                        Remove and enjoy once cooled!

Nutritional Info Per Serving (30g)

Energy: 611kJ

Protein: 3,36g

Carbohydrates: 16,4g

Of which Sugar: 4,11g

Fat: 7,6g

Of which Saturated Fats: 3,7g

Dietary Fibre: 2,7g

Sodium: 130mg

Vitamin D: 0.88ug

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