Tips for difficult eaters

December 14, 2016

There are children at an early age eat and like everything. But there are also children who refuse everything they don’t know and beforehand yell they don’t like it. Luckily most children will outgrow these periods sooner or later. To help you cope with these issues we collected some tips that you can use to get started straight away!

Don’t push

It may not be easy, but try to not push your child, because this will backfire. Your child has a mind of his own and will resist when you demand that he eats everything on his plate. Instead of pushing, try to reward good behavior. Praise your child when he tastes something new, takes a big bite or is curious about food. Try to keep the atmosphere positive and relaxed at the table, even if your child is eating little or nothing at all.

Do not give in to their whining for unhealthy food

Of course you want your child to get enough food, but remember that quality is more important than quantity. Don’t give in when your child asks for candy or a bag of chips, because he or she will learn that they can get out of eating the healthy meal. A growing child needs enough nutrients to support its growth, so make sure you offer healthy meals. Also careful in offering your little one to much sugar, aromas, dies and flavors, which can negatively affect your child’s behavior

Set rules at the table

Every child needs rules and boundaries. Therefore set up rules that apply at the dining table. Do not make a whole list, but focus on 3 to 5 important points, such as having to try at least one bite of everything, no one leaves the table before everyone is ready and there is no yelling allowed at the table. Pick the rules that are important to you and place a small notice board with these rules on the table during dinner to remind everyone.

Reward in a positive way

Almost every child is happy to receive a compliment. Does your child respond well to compliments? Than try using a reward schedule! Take a nice piece of paper and reward your child with a sticker for every new type of food he tastes or for every bite of vegetables. Play with this a little bit to find the challenge that you child needs and adapt it regularly.

Additional tips:

  • Give your child three healthy meals a day and up to 2 healthy snacks.
  • Involve your child with the meals and take him with you shopping for groceries.
  • Allow your child to “help” out in the kitchen. Stirring the sauce can yield much pride when the meal is ready and will make it extra tasty for everyone.
  • Keep offering food to your child that he or she doesn’t like. Tastes can change rapidly with children.
  • Don’t serve the plate to full. This might scare your little one off.

Good Luck!

Team Kabrita

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