Meet the goats & farmers of the Veldman Farm

Feb 15, 2017

On the farm in the Netherlands

The goat milk comes from several family farms in the Netherlands.

Meet the goats (and farmers!) from the Veldman farm in Friesland, in the northwest of the Netherlands. It’s partnerships — or ‘Maatschap’, in Dutch — like these that allow us to source fresh, premium-quality, non-GMO goat milk that tastes great for all.

Part of the family

The Veldman farm is truly a family affair. It’s run by farmer Walte, his wife Willeke and his father Johannes Veldman. The farm is just a short drive through green pastures from their home in the small village of Wijckel.

Fields of green

The Veldman family feeds the goats grass and hay from their 13 hectares of pastures. In the summertime the goats spend time outside, but most choose to stay indoors in the cooler months.

Like people, not all goats are outdoorsy types

Goats tend to fall into three groups: those who almost never go outside, those who go outside only when the weather is nice, and those who love being outdoors (so much you’ll even see them out when it’s raining!).

For the love of goats

While Johannes has always had cows, his son Walte wanted smaller milking animals and loves goats (so do we!).

In 2010 they made the switch to goats and now have a herd of almost 500.

Committed to quality

Our Dutch farms are extensively tested for food safety and quality in accordance to Dutch and European food safety, antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides and animal welfare regulations.

Our goat milk also meet the strict European standards for non-GMO ingredients.

Animal welfare

All of our farmers follow the QualiGoat Protocol: a Dutch quality assurance program for goat farming. The goats are never exposed to potentially harmful pesticides and antibiotics, and are treated like family.

The result is a fresh, mild and delicious tasting goat milk!

One big happy family

The Veldman family truly love their goats and are even working on designing playgrounds for the goats to climb and have fun on!

We love goats, too!

We especially love their milk!

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