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Dec 5, 2014

The first year of your child’s life is one big exploration. In this first year the senses of your little one will develop rapidly and by creating a challenging environment for your child you can stimulate him to explore everything. Colors, smells, sounds and tastes, everything is new at this stage!


In your uterus  your child had sips of the amniotic fluid. This created a clear preference for a sweet taste. After birth, your child will drink exclusively milk during the first four months. Up to 18 months, your child will probably eat almost everything that you offer to him. After that he will likely be much more selective, so try to let him taste everything at least 5 times. Chances are he’s going to get used to it.


Taste and smell are inseparable connected. Your child will probably like the smell of a sweet banana better than the smell of a piece of fish. From day one the sense of smell of your child is already highly developed. This helps him to perfectly recognize the smell of his mother. They are also fond of the smell of their favorite teddy bear and by washing it you will remove this fine, familiar smell. Unfortunately you have to wash it occasionally because of hygiene, but if it was up to your little one his teddy bear would never get washed.


Research has shown that (classical) music has a positive effect on the brains of a child. Young children love music and are capable from birth to distinguish between pitch and volume. So put on a nice quiet music, sing to your baby or choose a box mobile that plays pleasant music. There are beautiful mobiles for sale that play tunes of famous classical composers such as Bach or Mozart.


Did you know that a premature child can grow 47% faster if he gets massaged or hugged at least 3 times per day? Physical contact is essential for your child; their weight will increase faster, their brains will develop better and he will sleep better. A few times a week take the time to massage your child with a fine oil after a relaxing bath. A course in younger child massage is definitely recommended. Furthermore your child also loves to grab everything and feel the different textures and materials.


When a child is born, their vision is still blurry. They can hardly distinguish contrasts and respond mainly to black and white patterns. The higher the contrast, the better they can see. After six months your child can distinguish color and detail well. From this moment he will start his exploration and discover everything that they can see.


Adjust the toys to the age of your child. When your child is 3 months old then he can hold a rattle, after 5 months your child will actively respond to a box mobile or play mat and after 8 months he loves to play ‘peekaboo’ with mom and dad! At 9 months building blocks will offer an interesting challenge and after 10 months he will be amazed by a mirror!

These are all special moments that you certainly want to capture with a (video) camera. Have fun!

Love, Kabrita

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