At Kabrita, our mission is to offer a mild and gentle alternative for parents to feed and comfort their little one. To encourage you in choosing something different from standard, we share some true parent experiences with Kabrita below.

Liesel and her little one

I did not know about goats milk, I did not even know there was a goats formula. My baby was breast fed for two months until my supply dried up. I immediately started doing researching what formula is the best. The first formula I tried left my baby constipated and lethargic.  

My husband grandmother grew up on a farm in Botswana, she told me how when a mother did not have breast milk they would give the baby goats milk. I immediately done my research and BAM kabrita came up. There was not much reviews in South Africa regarding the milk. But the overwhelming reviews I read from different places convinced me.  

My baby is a happy 3 month old, no reflux issues and does not suffer from constipation. The milk is expensive, but Kabrita is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my baby.

Dominique and her little one - Cow’s milk intolerance

We would just like to thank Kabrita Goat Milk and everyone involved!!

Our son was born in January 2019 and had stomach problems since birth.

It took us 4 months to figure out it is Cows milk. I was breastfeeding since birth but he struggled alot with his stomach so the doctor blamed it on 'collic' but we could see it was not that.

We tried 5 different baby formulas but could not find anything that he could tolerate (he had blood in his vomit just to name one problem).

Even the specialty (amino acid and hydrolyzed) formula that is very expensive did not work for him.

I had to go on a complete dairy and soy free diet to be able to breastfeed our baby, it helped a lot but was difficult for me. He was admitted to hospital but the blood tests came out negative for cows milk and soya allergy so the doctor said he has an intolerance.

By the time our son was 10 months old I saw Kabrita Goat Milk Formula in Dischem in Pretoria. I spoke to our midwife and she said she has never heard of the milk but we can try it. So we immediately tried the Formula and it worked!!

I could then wean him onto the Kabrita Goat Milk Formula #2 and stop breastfeeding by 11.5 months, we then went over to the #3 Toddler Goat Milk from 13 months.

I took an empty tin to the midwife so that she could see the formula and to promote it if she has other babies that seem to have the same problem.

My husband and I were and are still very grateful for the Kabrita Goat Milk Formula! Our son is now 21 months old and absolutely loves his Kabrita Goat Milk Formula!!

Thank you everyone at Kabrita and all parties involved bringing it into South Africa! We prayed for help and God sent Kabrita who came to our rescue!

Andri and her twins (1)

My intention was to breastfeed the girls for as long as my body could provide just as I had with our eldest. We quickly discovered that our girls had a lactose sensitivity (not intolerance), which meant that they struggled to process the lactose. This resulted in stomach cramping, bloating and sometimes vomiting. Between 6 weeks to 5 months, I was expressing roughly 1 litre of milk a day and breastfeeding, but this was not enough for these hungry babies. After trying different formulas, we settled for Kabrita. Our babies took to it better than any of the organic cows’ milk formulas on the market. My motto is happy and healthy Mommy and Babies…this was achieved!

Mother Kathleen and daughter Thea (1)

When my daughter was 3 months old the pediatrician and nurse agreed that she is intolerant to cow's milk protein. We never did any blood tests to confirm the allergy.

We tried different formulas but she still constantly struggled with winds and cramps. She struggled to sleep because she was so uncomfortable the whole time.

When she was almost 11 months old I decided to take her to a homeopathic doctor, dr Erica Coertzen, she suggested that we try goat's milk and specifically said to use Kabrita as it is the best option.

Thea has been on Kabrita for about 6 weeks and she is doing great! No more winds or cramps. She is sleeping better and is doing well all over. So happy we decided to switch to Kabrita.

Jenn and her baby

From the very first day that he drank kabrita goats milk formula he slept through the night, he had no gas and there was a big decrease in his spit ups. For the first time he wanted to drink his milk and didn't cry and fuss, feeding him became a pleasant and special time together. The formula looks and smells amazing, unlike previous formulas that we had tried.

I wish I had changed over sooner. It has changed my babies, and my life. I love the recipe ideas that you email as it has been a help with my older son too who is also on goats milk.