Based on easy to digest goat milk

Kabrita goat milk nutrition combines the natural mildness of Dutch goat milk with valuable nutrients such as goat milk protein, DHA omega-3 fatty acids and GOS nutritional fibres. 

Learn why goat milk is naturally easier to digest

Kabrita goat milk nutrition is no. 1 worldwide

Millions of satisfied moms around the world choose Kabrita goat milk for their little ones. Kabrita is available in 29 countries on 5 continents and the popularity of our goat milk nutrition continues to rise rapidly.

Now also available in South Africa!


Kabrita nutrition is made with care and great attention is spent on quality and safety. Our rich history helps us tailor our infant nutrition to the needs of your little one. Full ownership of the production chain enables us to offer you the highest quality possible.

Find out how Kabrita is made!

Dutch heritage and 75 years of experience

Kabrita is a global brand, backed by Dutch goat milk, headquarters and production facilities. Our Kabrita infant nutrition is the result of 75 years of experience in infant nutrition production. 

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